Hot Dog Wars

Katie, my 15 year old sous chef, is one smart teenager. No, I'm not talking about GPA's or anything like that. She can't lie, she's realized this awhile ago, and therefore always tells the truth. That's probably not true, but just go with me on this. There are two things she has already told me that she will never admit. One, when she registers to vote, she will not tell me or her dad what her party affiliation is. Her dad, Matt, is a Republican and I'm a Democrat, so that's understandable. Two, her favorite hot place.

What?! This makes no sense. In my hometown, we have a couple of good hot dog joints. Matt takes Katie to Dok Shoons. Good hot dogs, I haven't been in a long time, so I can't say much. I take Katie to Dot's Red Hot Chicago Dogs. Now for full disclosure, I was not a big hot dog fan (even as a kid) until I had Dot's Dogs. Holy crap, where have you been my whole life? Poppy seed buns, a great tasting hot dog, mustard, onions, that super green relish, a pickle, and some peppers. What's not to like? Drag it through the garden? You bet! The more stuff on it the better. Maybe that's why I wasn't a big hot dog fan before.

Katie, the diplomat, doesn't want to start a hot dog war. Dok Shoons vs. Dot's Dogs. See, what did I tell you? Smart girl. She has a future in politics and you know what, she'll run as an Independent to spite us all.