Heavy Food!

"Dinner was pretty good Mom, I even liked the meat, just not the carrots."Nancy the food critic said, while picking apart her food.
See this is why I had kids, to put me in my place. When I get my hopes up and think everyone is happy, here comes Nancy to save the day. I really should know better. I mean I REALLY should know better.
"Well Nancy, I'm glad you enjoyed the meat. Did you like the potatoes?" Nancy doesn't normally like roasted potatoes.
"I even liked the potatoes."
Everything must be right with the world, right, or did someone replace my daughter with her clone? Maybe she's just growing up? Nah, that answer would be too easy and definitely not any fun. By the way, we had pot roast, roasted potatoes and carrots. We have had alot of potatoes in our house lately. I can't help it, when the weather starts to turn a little bit chilly, watch out! here comes the heavy food, because right after Nancy said she liked the potatoes...
"Hey Mom, guess what?" Katie asked me.
"What Katie?"
"It's winter time. You know what that means? Heavy food!" Katie bubbled. Yes, when Katie speaks, it's normally bubbly. She even had a shirt that said I'm bubbly. God if she wasn't my child she would annoy the hell out of me. She's too damn perky.
A chorus broke out around the table.
"We can have a whole bunch of soups!" Will yelled. I told you all the kid does is yell. It has to be middle child thing or he thinks we are all deaf. Maybe just deaf to him. It's probably all the same thing. Poor Will.
"You want me to make a whole bunch of soups?" I asked.
"Kinda like Top Chef." he said.
"A tasting menu of soups?" I want to be clear on this.
"Yeah. Put them in small bowls and glasses and have a whole bunch of soups for dinner."
Now the evil chef mom in me wants to say okay, I have enough kids to help me prep, it would be fun. But poor Drew, he is the second sous chef and head dish washer, that would suck, because that would be a crap load of dishes. That last sentence right there, that was sympathetic mom. She doesn't come out to often.
"That's a good idea, Will. I'll think about it."
With that idea tabled for now. Katie gets a piece of paper and a pen and proceeds to write down all the meals they want this winter. So far there are 50 meals. There everything from osso buco to Pompie's (Grandpa) casserole. And I know they are forgetting things. Oh well, at least I have a dinner menu for the next 50 nights.