Foiled Again!

Thursday is Yoga night for me. No, I'm really not a big health nut or anything, but dealing with the Fearsome Foursome can take a toll on the ol' gal. So,Thursday is "You're The Chef!" night. Now depending on what's in the fridge, how much homework the F.F.'s have, and how much strength they've depleated during their day ( you do know they are superhero brats,right?), they are their own chef. Good luck with that. My sister decided pizza was good and was "The Chef Of The Night". Yes, she ran out and bought pizza! Hallelujah! Namaste! Everyone is happy! I can leave and get centered or whatever. Wait a minute, that can't be right... The pizza was good, but NO ONE COOKED! Ack, Arrgh, Oh Shit! The whole point is.... SOMEONE IS SUPPOSE TO COOK, DAMN IT! Foiled again by the F.F.'s, but today, Evil Chef Mom, is going to get them back with some dastardly deeds! Peeling Potatoes! Ahhahahahahahaha!


Melissa said...

I was trying to hunt down a certain post of yours and came across this.