Canned Radishes!

I try to please. Really I do. When my little sous chefs request something new they want to eat, I'll read food blogs, magazines, and my cookbooks to try and figure out the how-tos of that ingredient. But what normally happens is they tell me, "Hey Mom, you know what sounds good? Canned Radishes. Can you make something with that in it?" I swear a few days later I'll stumble across a recipe with those exact ingredients in it. It happens all the time. Freaky, huh?

"Hey Mom." Everything starts with "hey mom" in my house.

"Hey Mom, my knee hurts again."

"Hey Mom, my 15 page state report is due, TOMORROW!"

"Hey Mom, I need $5.00."

"Hey Mom, You know those beans they put on salads? Not the red ones but the other ones." Nancy asked.

"Garbanzo beans?"

"Yeah. Aren't they also called something else?"

"Chickpeas. You know that hummus we had a while ago? That's chickpeas or garbanzo beans." I said, hoping she didn't ask why they have different names. I know some random facts and odd trivia, but I don't know the chickpea/garbanzo bean name quandary. My culinary knowledge is, obviously, sadly lacking.

"Can you make something with garbanzo beans?"

"Sure." Whew, she didn't ask. I dodged a bullet.

A couple days later, I saw on the Serious Eats website, garbanzo beans! Score! You saute them in some olive oil, with garlic, rosemary, salt, and pepper. Or you can roast them in a 450 degree oven for 30 minutes. The beans come out crunchy on the outside, hot and fluffy on the inside. Total snack food. Addictive. Everyone was pleased, including my Nancy. This time we are going to try making them with some BBQ seasoning. Now only if I can find a recipe for canned radishes....