breakfast for dinner

Breakfast. That's a loaded word in this house. First, sweet or savory? The sous chefs like both. The hubby I'm pretty sure would prefer savory. Me, in the mornings I'm barely functioning for the first hour or so after I wake up, I don't want any breakfast let alone cook it. Second, you want eggs? Ugh. Don't get me wrong I like eggs, but you know the saying that goes something like "the true test of a chef is if he can cook eggs." I can boil, poach, and scramble an egg but for the life of me I cannot fry an egg or make a really good omelet. I told you my chef knowledge and skills are sadly lacking in some departments. Bad Evil Chef Mom! I know if I stood over the stove with a couple dozen eggs I could cook those eggs, but why would I deprive Rich of cooking? Anyways it always tastes better when someone else cooks.
Breakfast for dinner is another story. I love cooking breakfast for dinner. I especially like cooking it when my kids friends are over.
"Hey Mom, what's for dinner?"
"Pancakes." Their friends get this weird look on their faces.
Most of them say," I've never had breakfast for dinner." But then their eyes light up. You can tell they are thinking this is "TOTALLY AWESOME!" and I've now scored some cool mom points.
Last night, we had french toast. Rich was acting as sous chef and making hash browns. We work good as a team and it was really nice cooking with him beside me, even though he stole my pan and spatula, and used my favorite burner on the stove. Ahh, what we do for true love.
French toast was the first thing I ever learned how to cook, I think around the age of 8 or 9. So, I've been making it for awhile. The recipe has kind of changed and adapted depending on whats in the fridge and cupboards. Right now, the recipe has cinnamon swirl bread (no raisins) either from my favorite bakery or Trader Joe's. Half and half, eggs, freshly grated nutmeg, cinnamon, and freshly grated orange rind and some of the juice. I didn't have oranges in the fridge but I did have some orange juice. When I poured the juice into the mixture Rich looked at me like I had just poured bleach into it instead.
"Orange Juice? Why'd you do that for?" he asked.
"That's my not so secret ingredient." I told him, then probably a little too defensively,"I've always made it this way."
For the record; I do not take criticism well, do not like people questioning my cooking skills, and do not like when a dish turns out bad. It can get ugly, quick. I should work on that. I will... I mean, am.
"I didn't know that." He shrugged and finished cooking the hash browns.
Ooops! He just didn't know. I'm an idiot.
Dinner was great. Do you know how I know? Not because no one complained or because eveyone licked their plates clean. It was because my niece Hannah, who eats like a dainty little princess, ate dinner over the next door neighbors house, came home, ate dinner again, and finished it!