Last week is the kind of week I hate. Dinners were good but nothing to blog about. Everyone was so busy that dinners were put on a side burner, so to speak. Sorry about the awful pun. Even the chili I made was blah. I had excuse for making it that way, really I did! We had a couple of the sous chefs friends over and I didn't want the chili so spicy they couldn't eat it. They liked it, I even got a nice compliment of "I look forward to eating at your house." I love this kid, not because of the nice things he says (well that too) but because of the way he speaks. He actually said it that way and not in that Eddie Haskel sort of way, either.
Wednesday is Halloween. I have to find something to cook that will be quick (more time to trick-or- treat and fall into a sugar coma) and of course, good and disgusting! Or I wouldn't be Evil Mom Chef. I have a few ideas that should set the mood and tone for the night. I can't wait.