Why Evil Chef Mom?

Good question. By most accounts, I'm a pretty nice gal... although a little accident prone but because I'm a mom to four kids, Evil Chef Mom means I sometimes have to run my house like a Marine brigade, which translates to... 'at any one time, someone is not happy' and that obviously, in my kids eyes, makes me mean and evil.

Where are you located?

Born, raised, and still living in Stockton, California.

A little bit about Stockton. It's the Rodney Dangerfield of California, it gets no respect. I love my town but it does have problems. So it's like family...I can bash it all I want but no else can.


All photos are taken by me unless otherwise noted. Photos are taken with an Olympus 510 E-volt.


Here's the deal. Anybody is welcome to leave a comment. You don't agree with something I say or if you just adore me (dripping sarcasm right about now). I'm cool with that... leave a comment. E-mail me if you see a problem, if you think a recipe is crappy [gasp] or whatever is on your mind. I will even respond unless you are being a total douche then all bets are off. I figure we are all adults here, I'm not here to babysit you or your comments. Use common sense and the world is a happy place.

Links Exchanges:

I'll admit this. I hate...no, loathe updating my links, it's like being a kid and being assigned homework over Christmas break. It is cruel and unusual punishment. It, in all likelihood, it will not get done by me. Yes, I was a bad student, smart but with no (what's that word?) oh yeah... ambition, drive, motivation, discipline.

ANNND... (true story)I was hit by The Dreadful Korean Porn Spammer who then hit a lot of other blogs that I had linked to and then The Dreadful Korean Porn Spammer left comments on those blogs that somehow bounced back to me by the magic of unicorns that poop cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles... also known as the Internet. So it gave me another reason not to do links because you don't want Korean Porn Spam Unicorns that poop cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles on your blog, now do you? Trust me, it leaves a huge mess.

So I guess in other words, you can ask but it probably won't happen.

Using Pictures or Recipes on Evil Chef Mom:

I'm of two minds on this subject. I'm totally cool with most of it... as long as you link back and give some credit. Don't play it off like it's your own. On the other hand, I hate sites that are all "ask and receive permission first. If you don't, I will kill you with my one thumb" approach. Cooking is not about that, it's about sharing and I hate lessipe. It's just plain wrong. Think about what your grade school teacher told you about plagiarism. Use common sense, give credit where credit is due, everyone is happy and no bad karma or murder by thumb ensues.

Meet The Sous Chefs:

Rich: Husband... sometimes called The Man. Hates to cook, loves to eat, will not bbq, has some strange food rules that after many years of marriage I still don't understand.

Katie, 17: wicked smart, baker, cook, now if only I could get her to be a chef. Also guard your food at all times when Katie is around, she is a master thief when it comes to stealing the food off your plate.

Drew, 14: He's a teenage boy who plays water polo. All he does is shovel food in his mouth and then asks, "Is there more?" or "When is the next meal?" Main dishwasher, doesn't cook.

Will, 13: Main grill guy, second dishwasher, garbage boy. Did I mention he is LOUD? Because he is. And yes, I do let him BBQ.

Nancy,11: The baby. Gives the stank eye or what is known around here as "the look" quite a lot but she bakes cakes from scratch, then frosts and decorates them. And she keeps me in freshly baked cookies so I tolerate "the look" which as I now read this does not make me a good parent. I'll do anything for cookies and my kids know this about me. I don't think I'll be winning the Parent of The Year Award anytime soon.