blog roll

in no particular order... and don't you go getting offended if you aren't listed, since i deleted my whole blog roll... this is going to take some time to list them all again!

food blogs...

alosha's kitchen
cook eat fret
noble pig
culinary adventures of peabody
smitten kitchen
white on rice
a southern grace
culinary adventures of a new wife
homesick texan
chew on that
cutting edge of ordinary
stacey snacks
dinner party
sippity sup
alinea at home
bren's flanboyant eats
mr. orph's kitchen
pictures and pancakes
becoming a foodie
eater sf

food + funny...

saint tiger lily
yummy mummy cooks gourmet
thursday night smackdown

you should be reading...

mayberry magpie because she writes like this...

"And sometimes when I’m feeling particularly anxious, I whisper Kate’s words at bedtime as a reminder to make time my friend, not my adversary, and to let the stillness of slumber knit my raveled peace."

blogs that make me laugh out loud, by myself at the computer, then my kids come running to see what's so damn funny or to see if mom has finally lost her marbles.

undomestic diva
jive turkey
jenny on the spot

blogs that defy description:

going country
asthma girl
mental pause mama
snooty primadonna
the lexophile
adventures in juggling
the blog from another world

blogs that give me photo envy... as a girl, i get envious of their cameras and the size of their lens...

lisa kristine

the image is found
the blog is found
my polaroid blog
waveriders (click onto their photography section)

blogs i don't comment on because i feel like i would be yelling and their blogs are quite and peaceful... in other words, blogs that chill me out...

shining egg
simply photo

other stuff i'm interested in because a girl can't live on food alone.

the cool hunter
curbed sf
art crimes
obey giant
radio lab